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Please, read all there terms and conditions before purchasing an item to avoid any misunderstanding.

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Terms of Use

Please read the terms and conditions of use carefully

If you register and open a shop to produce online selling on our platform, you have to read and agree to Vendor’s Terms and Conditions as well.

Basic Terms of the contract

This site is an intermediary, e-commerce company, which allows the user and the supplier to buy and sell their product with the help of the online platform.

None of the products on this site are owned by the site or the webmaster and doesn’t hold any additional information on their real condition.

All product information on the site is owned by the seller of the item.

The quality, safety, legality and conformity of the products/services mentioned in the Product Description are not controlled by the site. Users are guaranteed a return on the product purchased at hmgeorgia.com and a refund, see the Money Back Guarantee.

User Registration Rules

The user is obliged to provide real data, such as contact number, email, adress for the using platform.

No other person’s data is allowed during registration.

The username must be an active email owned by the user. The password may contain Latin characters, numbers and other symbols.

It is forbidden to refer to any kind of unethical and offensive phrase in the username.

Only one user/profile is allowed to register per individual/legal entity.

The User is fully responsible for both, personal account and all activities that occur with the User Account while on the Website, or when using the User Account through “hmgeorgia.com”.


In order to use the service, the user (buyer) must register on the site. The site administration is not responsible for the authenticity of the information entered by the user.

The order is placed by the customer from the personal cabinet. Customers can change, delete or add products to the cart at any time before placing an order. Customers have Information about Ordering in their profile “bookings”.

Customers can place an order 24/7 at any time.

The site administration is not responsible for the continued existence of the products selected on the site. In the absence of the item, the Administration may cancel the order and notify the buyer by email or contact number withing 3 business days of ordering.


The product posted by the customer can be purchased by credit/debit card, money transfer, bank transfer.

You can pay on site with any VISA, AMERICAN EXPESS or MasterCard card issued by any bank.

When purchasing a card, the customer pays for the product and delivery on the bank’s protected page.

See payment methods available on this site.


See the list of countries where deliveries are made.

Shipping only after payment confirmation.

The courier service is provided by hmgeorgia.com

Users are guaranteed a return of the product purchased at hmgeorgia.com and a refund, see the Money Back Guarantee.

Prior to shipment, courier/representative of hmgeorgia.com will inspect the item’s compliance with the product sold on the site.

Return/Replace Purchased Product:

If the replacement of the product is caused by the buyer’s wish (without any defect), then the buyer pays the full return/replacement costs.

If the return/replacement of the product is caused by a mistake by the seller - shipping off another product, product of other characteristics, damaged product, any other defect, etc. - Im such case return/replacement costs shall be borne by the vendor/seller.

All requests for refunds/replacements will be reviewed by the site administration and will only processed after review.

Buyer’s request for return/replacement will also be known to the seller. Details will be discussed in relation to both parties.

The return/replace feature we use is designed to enhance credibility between buyer and seller.

Users are guaranteed a return on the product purchased at hmgeorgia.com and a refund, see the Money Back Guarantee.

Seller Terms and Conditions:

hmgeorgia.com is not the owner/manufacturer of the product or service on this site.

The site administration will review the return/replacement stratement of the purchased product in accordance with the Terms of Use, Vendor Terms and Conditions as well as the Seller’s Personal Terms and Conditions.

Site Administration Rights and Responsibilities:

The site administration is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided on the site.

The site administration cannot guarantee that the data provided by the product developer on the site matches its actual data.

In the event of a breach of any of the provisions of the site’s rules twice or more, the management company may block the user’s phone number and IP address.

In case of breach of agreement, the site administration has the right to block the IP address of the user.

The Site Administrator is entitled to unilaterally change the terms of the agreement at any time. Changes will take effect upon publication. If the user does not agree will the changes, he/she shall be obliged to cancel his/her account and terminate the use of hmgeorgia.com

If you have any questions about the rules, please Contact Us: contact@hmgeorgia.com