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Basic Terms of the contract:

The site is an intermediary, e-commerce company that enables the seller and buyer to buy and sell products online through the site.

None of the products on this site are owned by the site or the webmaster and doesn’t hold any additional information on their real condition.

The quality, safety, legality and conformity of the products/services mentioned in the Product Description are not controlled by the site.

Registration Rules:

The user is required to provide real data, contact number, email, address, personal number and year of birth.

No other person’s data is allowed during registration.

The username must be an active email owned by the user. The password may contain Latin characters, numbers and other symbols.

It is forbidden to refer to any kind of unethical and offensive phrase in the username.

Seller account registration (store opening) is free for all registered users.

Only one user/profile is allowed to register per individual/legal entity.

Product Placement:

Vendor has no right to post products on the site that are in violation of the laws of Georgia.

All individuals, legal entities and other legal organisations, except individuals under 18, have the right to post the product on this site.

To post a product on the site and open a store, you need to register as a vendor. Once activated by a site administrator you will be able to post products.

Vendor is required to post complete information about the products for sale and the terms of delivery as per the site instructions.

Every vendor personally loads the product and runs the store.

Vendor is responsible for the features, descriptions and other details specified in the products.

Upload high quality photos. (See details about quality of photos).

It is prohibited to upload photos retrieved from the Internet. All photos must be the actual image of the seller’s product.

It is prohibited to post any kind of contact information and price and additional information on the product uploaded.

By posting the product, vendor confirms that he/she has the right to sell the product/service.

If the product is sold through another channel, the seller must remove or hide the added product from the site.

Product placement is done personally by the Vendor Account Owner/Administrator.

Vendor is responsible for the products and information provided by vendor: name, photo, features, price, etc.

The product must not be false, inaccurate or misleading the user.

The product should not be used for fraud, deception, or abuse of trust.

The product should not contain information about the sale of stolen or counterfeit products.

The product must not contain advertising information about any property, thing or service other than the product object, or the company.

The product must not violate Georgian legislation in any other way.

The site administration has no additional information about the product.

The site administration is not responsible for the products and information provided on any site.


Products sold on the site (cash) is paid by credit/debit card, deposit or bank transfer.

The lump sum is paid monthly.

From the first calendar day of each month on the site, the cost of products sold (billed) is counted until the last day of the 7th day of the following month.

Return/Replace Sold Products:

Vendor is obliged to return the product sold within 7 days without any explanation if it does not show any damage or defect whatsoever before it was sold.

If the return/replacement of the product is caused by the buyer at his/her discretion then the buyer pays the full return/replacement costs.

If return/replacement of the product is caused by seller: shipping off other product, other colour, damaged, defect, ect. In such case return/replacement costs shall be borne by vendor/seller.

All requests for refund/replacement will be reviewed by the site administrator and only after review will appropriate action be taken.

The buyer request for a refund/replacement will be considered which will also be known to the seller. Details are discussed in relation to both parties.

Seller Rights and Responsibilities:

Vendor has no right to transfer its username and password to a third party.

In case of any doubts about the distribution of personal data, the user is obliged to immediately change them.

Vendor is prohibited from posting a product that violates any of the rules of this site.

Vendor is not permitted to advertise on the product page, provide any contact information or a link to another site.

Vendor is obliged to act in accordance with the laws of Georgia and the rules of the site and is responsible for its actions on the site under the laws of Georgia.

If vendor has any claim or misunderstanding with any other vendor or user, he/she submits his/her claims directly to vendor or the user to whom the claim is made, independent of the site administration. It frees the site administration (as well its employees) from any requirements. Including: Compensation for any loss, reimbursement, and any costs incurred through the site.

The site may be used by vendor without any warranty, in accordance with the laws of Georgia.

Vendor assumes full responsibility for the product information provided on the site.

Vendor’s Personal Terms and Conditions:

All stores have the option of posting their own “Terms and Conditions” in addition to their profile.

When purchasing an item on the site, the user agrees to the terms and conditions of use of hmgeorgia.com and must agree to the seller’s terms and conditions (If any).

Site Administration Rights and Responsibilities:

The site administration is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided on the site.

The site administration cannot guarantee that the data provided by the product developer on the site matches its actual data.

Any product that is posted on the site will be blocked in violation of the site rules and the vendor account that posted such product will be blocked from the content of the ad for 1 week to forever.

In the event of a breach of any of the provisions of the site’s rules twice or more, the management company may block the user’s phone number and IP address.

The site administrator has the right to advertise the product on a site other than the one specified by the seller.

The site administrator has the right to srop posting any product at any time.

The site administrator is not responsible for any loss or damage to the information contained on the site, as well as for loss of privacy,

In case of breach of agreement, the site administration has the right to block the IP address of the user.

The site adminitrator may change this agreement without any special notice.

Changes to the agreement will be reflected in the “Site Terms and Conditions” section.